Some people consider an Intelligent Environment as a building, or a campus, that utilizes embedded computing, communications and intelligent systems technology both to autonomously govern it’s environment (e.g. user comfort, energy-consumption, security, safety), and to maximize support for social and professional activities (e.g. information access, inter-personnel contact, entertainment).

We believe an Intelligent Environment should go beyond this notion, to encompass a broader environment where people can live, work and play harnessing technology, process efficiencies and predictive services.

The veriTAG Platform is an innovative cloud tagging solution that enables you to do this, TODAY.

Smart Entities

This covers the assets, the devices and the people within the ecosystem. veriTAG leverage smart tags to capture information about who, what, where, when and how services are needed.Smart-Entities

“Imagine a system that makes it easy to track all your entities so as to offer the best and most timely services based on feedback and condition changes.”

Smart Interaction

This enables feedback to be communicated timely and in the most optimal manner to the service desk. veriTAG enables services to be fine tuned based on demands and changing expectations.

Smart-Interaction“Imagine experience with every single customer interaction, however they transact with you, and talk to or about you.”

Smart Cloud

This is the ability to offer an “always on” platform that supports the needs of the services provider to capture, measure, analyze, act and enhance services based on needs. veriTAG is designed to offer an open data and integrative environment for plug and play capability to adapt to future technologies as they emerge.Smart-Cloud

“Imagine putting the voice of your customer in every decision you make.”

Smart Service

The ability to offer customer-centric and targeted services, that are collaborative, measurable, innovative and delivers results to all stakeholders with ‘closed loop’ feedback. veriTAG is designed to offer adaptive processes, flexible tools and operations.Smart-Services

“Imagine every user engaged because what they see is relevant to them.”

veriTAG is today a proud to partner with companies in manufacturing, government, food and agriculture, consumer electronics and other industries globally.