Semiconductor products manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar high tech industry with global applicability across several mission critical industries and businesses.

Detecting counterfeit electronic components in use in a global supply chain is not easy and the industry suffers more than $160 billion in annual risk, as identified by IHS Research.

epita Most counterfeit parts are not easily identifiable from authentic components.

veriTAG ensures companies involved in MRO and the end customers, the assurance that genuine products and components are being used at all times. veriTAG llows engineers to tag critical components, track warranty and accuracy of maintenance and audit records at all times.

Leveraging mobile technology, tag technology and cloud databases, it ensures that the engineer’s work can be tracked from a central location. Further it enhances productivity and minimizes time to train and retrain staff.

semicon1One of our clients is Epita who is a major player in Semiconductor MRO servicing many large clients in China, Taiwan and Singapore.