Across agriculture, food, wines and spirits, veriTAG technology provides product traceability and control.Food-Partners

This is especially so with premium products, as with Asia’s growing wealth and affluence, it has today, become a potentially lucrative market wines and spirits. With high demand and premium pricing, counterfeiting is rearing its ugly head and is getting more sophisticated and ambitious.

According to Euromonitor, a research firm, “The astronomical prices paid for fine wine these days makes the bottles more than just a luxury item. They become a currency in themselves. And as with every currency, at some point, people want to find ways to manipulate that and make more money.”

It’s impossible to know the size of the counterfeit market, partly because many sales happen privately, but its suffice to say that it runs into the millions, if not billions of dollars.


wine-bottles-2veriTAG has develop a unique yet simple patented solution leveraging the latest in mobile, cloud, NFC and QR code technology to protect products at source, giving manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers the ability to verify and authenticate the integrity across the whole supply chain process from source to consume.

veriTAG is today proven in use and in advance trials in manufacturing facilities, distribution points and in retail processes in wine and spirit, food, and other related manufacturing entities.