Counterfeiting and piracy in electrical and electronics goods now occupy second place after pharmaceuticals.

From components such as fuses, cables and circuit breakers to household equipment, professional work tools and automotive and aviation spare parts, nothing is safe from counterfeiting. While the appearance and packaging can be very convincing, the products themselves are often sub-standard and may represent a severe safety hazard, causing accidents and costing lives.

veriTAG offers a reliable and secure way to tag, track and trace products across the full supply chain from parts soucing, manufacture, distribution, sale and support. Besides ensuring genuineness of products, it also helps in warranty registration and tracking, logistics and distribution, retail and post sales marketing to consumers.

One of our clients is Tech Dynamic who distribute a range of products from network and security, ssytems and storage, infrastructure and electrical in facilities and infrastructure management, relocation and deployment. Their clients in Singapore include key Government, Homeland Security and Civil Aviation Agencies.