The growth of counterfeit and illegal goods poses a serious problem for many chemical producers, distributors and user organizations. Counterfeit and illegal chemicals come in many forms: they can be poor quality by containing untested impurities or may also contain non-approved active substances or materials. This can pose a risk to human health, the environment and to businesses.

Trinity-LogoTrinity Chemicals in China is one user of veriTAG. As a maker of varnish and cleaning chemicals used as an insulation coating in products, such as, handheld tools and as an insulation varnish in handheld tools, these are used by a number of global customers like Bosch and Keyang Powertools, and in the semiconductor industry and within assembly their clients include It is used by companies within the ANST, Diode and SPIL.

In this business, quality and reliability of products in use, means everything. Quality service to reputable clients with reliability instills confidence and secures long term business.

trinityUsing veriTAG to tag, authenticate, track and audit their products in use at customer locations, ensures that products are genuine and prevents spurious and fake products entering the supply chain. After extensive proof of concepts and field trials, Trinity Chemicals believe that veriTAG serves as the best form of authenticity check. Today veriTAG is used in several of their product lines: TS-300, 3041-2 and 9006.