Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the dogTAG?

dogTAG from veriTAG is designed to store and retrieve on demand all information about your pet. Affix a tag on your dog, store all information on a central database on the cloud and easily retrieve on scan by scanning the tag. It’s that simple.
dogTAG can be used to access information and alert owners in the event the dog goes missing.

How does it work?

veriTAG comprises the following. The first is the physical tag, which bears a QR Code mark. The second is a cloud database that stores all relevant information and which the owner can access and update using a secure login. The third is the use of a smart phone that has a QR Code reader to scan the tag and automatically access the information that has been stored.

Do we need to register to use it? What do we need to do to register?

The dogTAG from veriTAG comes in a package with a unique user name and password. Register your tag via the LOGIN button on After registration, you can change the format and content that you would like to see when you scan the tag.

How do we update the information on the dogTAG?

Using the same login process you can at any time review and update any information associated with your tag e.g. Contact details.

Can the information field be customizable by the user?

The content and the headers of fields can be customized by a user. You may also input information in languages other than in English.

Is there any fee associated with the usage of the dogTAG?

When you purchase a dogTAG from veriTAG you automatically gain access to the cloud database and there the latter is completely free.

Will the data be backed up? Do I need to perform my own backup?

veriTAG is hosted on a commercial data centre with proven backup and availability and as such, here is no need for the user to have a seperate backup.

Will the dogTAG be defaced?

dogTAG from veriTAG is laser marked on high grade stainless steel SUS 304. This material is robust and we have field tested this on adolescent large breed dogs that simply love to chew. Do note that dogTAG must be affixed to the collar or harness and not to the leash.

Where can I purchase additional dogTAGs if needed?

dogTAG can be purchased from both Amazon and eBay stores via Additional stores will be added to this list over time.

If I encounter problem, what can I do?

Send an email to and we will gladly provide you with any assistance you need.

Can it be used overseas?

dogTAG from veriTAG can be used in any part of the world as long as you have access to the Internet.

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